US States That Are Banning Daily Fantasy Sports


With the temperatures on the rise on the tormented world of daily fantasy sports, owners and players are experiencing difficulties telling where and when the next hammer will hit. From such accusations as “Illegal gambling” to “unfavorable playing terms,” it is apparent that mega daily fantasy sports companies including DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel Inc. will be eating humble pie in the coming days.

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Cesspool Pumping from a Reliable Service Company

Imagine a Cesspool Service that is reliable! Isn’t that hilarious.  I have not heard of poo poo pumpers that actually knew what they were doing.

I have experienced and I know you have too experienced the horrors of some fly by  night operation. I was pleasantly surprised recently by one particular company, Cesspool Service Long Island. You can find them on the web at

Yea, I know, how good can the potty patrol really be?

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The Lottery’s Backdoor Drama – Part Deux

Here is part two of this insanity inspired drama called the lottery!

I left off on the previous post discussing how quick pick in the Powerball is such a scam, in addition to the scam of the odds being raised to one in 292 million.

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Lottery’s Back Door Drama – Part 1

If you had a dollar and a dream. That’s all you ever hear on any of these lottery commercials.

They show people, your average everyday Joe, suddenly achieving millions of dollars and buying that private jet.

What they don’t tell you, is what happens behind closed doors.

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Residential Window Tinting Really Exists! Please Pinch Me!

Home window tinting is not a fantasy!! Who would’ve thunk it!  Hey everyone. This is your friend Bobby here, talking to you from deep within my labyrinth.

Just recently I was speaking with a friend of mine, and I was just discussing about how I needed new blinds or new shades because of the ridiculously intense sun glare my house would get.. He looked at me and said, why do that when you can get window tinting on your home windows!

So I proceeded to tell him I don’t want my house looking like some pimp palace. With that he replied hey just give the folks at window tinting Long Island a call and they will explain it to you. Window Tinting Long Island,. , was the company that tinted the windows at his house.

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So Who Wants to Win Powerball?

The Powerball frenzy that just occurred was completely unbelievable. Millions upon millions of people were  purchasing tickets motivated by and insatiable unquenchable greed to get a chance of a jackpot of 1.6 Billions dollars. However,how would you explain putting money into anything that has odds of one in 297 million to win.

Powerball dreams

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