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Residential Window Tinting Really Exists! Please Pinch Me!

Home window tinting is not a fantasy!! Who would’ve thunk it!  Hey everyone. This is your friend Bobby here, talking to you from deep within my labyrinth.

Just recently I was speaking with a friend of mine, and I was just discussing about how I needed new blinds or new shades because of the ridiculously intense sun glare my house would get.. He looked at me and said, why do that when you can get window tinting on your home windows!

So I proceeded to tell him I don’t want my house looking like some pimp palace. With that he replied hey just give the folks at window tinting Long Island a call and they will explain it to you. Window Tinting Long Island,. , was the company that tinted the windows at his house.

Know if all you familiar with window tinting, I think it’s fair to say that most people think of window tint on cars, and that’s about it. So to actually think that is normal to tint your house window without looking like you’re going to a funeral home is pretty bizarre!

Home Window Tinting

Now I grew up here on Long Island and all of us kids or young adults put tinting on our car windows. I mean, it was like a status symbol. Now the Po Po was always harassing us because sometimes the window tint was a bit too dark. But hey, when you’re trying to profile out there your car window tinting needs to look hot!

I know some of you remember everyone putting those large mag wheels in the back, chrome rims. Some of  you may of had your windows etched. How tacky

Now the trick to getting  auto window tinting done right, was to get it dark enough so nobody could really tell what you were doing, but not too dark that it looked like you may be running a meth lab in the backseat of your car.

No I don’t want to get too lost in reminiscing about the old days. I am still flabbergasted about having my home windows tinted. Because in my mind they’re going to be too dark.

Now the way it was explained to me, the  residential window tinting process is different than tinting the windows of your car. The goal is to reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that are entering your house, also reducing the amount of the glare that enters.

Also my friend said that I really don’t need to open and shut my blinds to regulate the amount of that heat scorching sun that is pouring like water into my house.

So I’m thinking, OK if I’m walking around my house butt naked, you are telling me that old Mrs. Williams, who is about 85 years old, when she walks in front of my house, she’s not going to see my joy pole?

He started to laugh! He is like “Of course she’s going to see! This is not like some force shield that blind people like men in black! For things like that I’m still going to need shades or blinds.” What residential window tinting will do is when I do open my blinds I can just leave them open and let the window tint do the rest as far as the sun is concerned.

Now that  made a little bit more sense to me. Because I was about to have all my windows open in the middle of the day. You know, after I take a shower I like to walk around free! It’s kind of like me air drying myself.

OK, so leaving all the blinds open all the time is out. I really don’t want to be a story line for a law and order episode!

Now the cool guys of window tinting Long Island, helped explain to me also that this was not like auto window tinting and I needed to get out of my head everything I thought I knew about tinting.

I was starting to get a little embarrassed, because I started feeling like an idiot. It is just some film that you put on your window. How hard is this to understand?

Now they explained to me there are multiple window  tinting film manufacturers for the home but there are a few big manufacturers that most window tinting companies will use.

You have solar guard, 3M and GLA. Now there are others like I mentioned, but most tinting service companies, tend to use the big three.

So here comes a day when all the folks from Window Tinting Long Island come to my house to start the process of applying tint to  my windows. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about this.

It’s not like they didn’t try to relax me. As matter fact the only way I could stay relaxed was to take a couple shots of my favorite tequila.

You know, Petrone. That’s the stuff every restaurant tries to sell you. They never sell you the cheap stuff which in reality I don’t really notice the difference. But hey, I certainly feel richer when I drink it!

Now, I really love my house. I really had a bust my butt to really to be able to afford it. Homes here in Suffolk County NY are not cheap. So having my house windows tinted for me is a huge deal. While I want this to work, I really don’t want my house to look gaudy.

So I’m watching them measure my windows, and in the work area just quietly  cutting to utter perfection the tint film sizes that are needed for my windows.

So, for all you nosy folks out there, I purchased solar guard to be used for my residential tinting project.

I’m just watching these guys work like loyal minions, just methodically and meticulously applying the window tint.

It took a couple of hours and about six shots of tequila but both were eventually done. The two jobs where my home windows being tinted, and me getting semi blasted!

After the job was done, I was so glad I called this company and  their residential window tinting experts, to have my windows properly done!

Listen everyone, it’s been a few weeks now since the job is been completed and I love it. I would definitely suggest anyone out there if you’re looking for home window tinting, give these guys a call.


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