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Cesspool Pumping from a Reliable Service Company

Imagine a Cesspool Service that is reliable! Isn’t that hilarious.  I have not heard of poo poo pumpers that actually knew what they were doing.

I have experienced and I know you have too experienced the horrors of some fly by  night operation. I was pleasantly surprised recently by one particular company, Cesspool Service Long Island. You can find them on the web at

Yea, I know, how good can the potty patrol really be?

Now let tell you a little something about them before I discuss the disgusting situation. I think that is much more important that just giving the a commercial here on this blog.

Hey, this is Bobby. It was my interaction with the owner, Rick that really understand the professionalism of the company. Yes there are in existence to solve all sorts of cesspool problems. Well, that what you are led to believe. Listening to  Rick, the owner, I realized that the company is an end to a means

Owning a septic service and cesspool company here in Suffolk County NY, does bring the normal responsibility that you have for customers. But when your goals in life are so big, that it actually increase your commitment to your customers.

Rick, donates and substantial amounts of money to different charities, that help the homeless and orphans in Haiti. He is very committed as you hear him speak. He does not only give money to help feed and clothe people who do not have the ability at this point in their life to do it by himself, but he also goes to areas throughout the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean.


He looks at why he developed the best cesspool service  company on long island because he uses it as the engine to do what is really in his heart to do. That is to serve people. Some people may have a hard time putting the two together, but for me, after speaking to him for a while, made so much sense to me.

When you are doing something much more than money, much more than having an affordable cesspool service with some of the lowest cost available in Long Island, your focus on helping customers with septic tank problems or any other type of waste disposal issue your primary issue.

The reason why is that you are not just looking, at beating your competition, performing the best maintenance, pumping or cleaning cesspools. You are looking feeding the hungry, putting clothes on the backs of the least fortunate.

That is the driving force why they did such a great job. It also is why the are probably the best cesspool service company in all of Suffolk County.


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