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Tips to Beautify your Home Property

Hey guys. I love my home and I know you do to, so I just thought this would be a good addition to this blog to help some folks with making their home.. well homier.

A beautifully cared for home is not only and envy to your neighbors but also a smart way of keeping its value. A well-trimmed and landscaped home can fetch higher asking prices than the neighborhood average. Keeping the trees trim, the grass well mown, and the turf well shaped and general tidiness can make more returns than the simple efforts you invest. Engaging a long island tree removal service contractor to work on your trees regularly has more than just visual benefits.

tree removal long island

There are several things you can work on to give your home a complete new look;

Shrubs and trees

Trees and shrubs need just as much care as the grass on the lawn. They will need water and fertilizer. Watering at least once a week is advisable in the summer when the hot weather can suck moisture from leaves, drying them out. You can prevent moisture loss by doing mulching. It locks in the moisture, inhibits weed growth, insulates and prevents soil compaction.

The only area that will not need fertilizer is your drain field if you have a cesspool or septic system.

Tree pruning should also be done regularly to keep the trees aesthetically appealing and prevent excessive growth. Tree trimming long island services can advise you on when a trim is necessary according to the tree species on site.

When trimming and pruning avoid destructive practices like topping. This can inhibit a trees ability to generate food, and open it to attacks by insects. Topped trees grow again but weaker, more bushy and uglier than before. It is advised that no more than a quarter of a tree’s crown may be removed in one pruning or trimming session.

Do your pruning in winter when budding has occurred so you can get rid of excessive buds. You can also thin the branches as they will grow back again. Dead limbs can be rid of by your tree removal long island service.


A perfectly done lawn is a big attraction and gives the home a lived in feel. Caring for grass involves some steps;


Some grass species grow very fast and long. They can grow to knee length in a summer. Regular mowing keeps the lawn tidy. Keep the grass at about 5 cm length. In the summer you can allow for more height to help resist the moisture loss


Killing weeds and crabgrass is necessary to keep your grass healthy. Invasive species can stunt the growth of good grass and gradually colonize the lawn such that the good grass thins out and disappears. Ask your professional agronomist for a recommendable herbicide.


This is a regular task in the summer. Dried stems will curl and have a blue-gray color to signify water scarcity. An automated watering system is a good solution. Some will sense the moisture in the air and react accordingly.


You can pick a theme bringing the whole act together for a beautiful whole.  Landscaping also involves arranging other objects like paving so that a better integrated look is achieved. A landscaping expert is better able to advise you on how the trees, shrubs, flowers and grass can fit together.